Model For Us

Do you like the art you see here? Do you want to be a part of it? Good, because we are always looking for new models!

What you need to know about modeling with us:

  • You must be 21 years old with a valid id. We do not shoot minors for any type of project, so don’t ask.
  • We are looking for all body types. When you contact us, we would like for you to submit a few images showing your figure. These images do not have to be nude, we would just like to see your figure in order to see which photo project you would best fit into.
  • If you have an interest, you will need to contact us to schedule the shoot and discuss pay rates. As a part of this discussion, we will discuss the shoot type (project) and the length of the shoot.

We are located 40 miles north of Atlanta, but we plan to travel across America for on location shoots. We will be booking for shoot in and around Atlanta, and we will also look at having shoots in Savannah/Tybee Island a few times throughout 2018. All other locations will be posted two months in advance with limited time slots for shoots.

How to prepare for a shoot with us:

  • Let us know what type of food or drink you would like to be available during the shoot during breaks, such as a type of soda or brand of water.
  • We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing so that you do not have clothing lines on the skin for nude shoots.
  • Wear light makeup with no glitter in it.
  • Bring a robe so that you can easily disrobe during the shoot and cover up for breaks during the shoot.
  • This can be a slow-paced shoot, and we will instruct you on poses. If you have any preferred poses you would like to try, feel free to let us know before or during the shoot.

What to expect after the shoot:

  • Once the shoot is finished, a model release will need to be signed to receive payment.
  • Within a few weeks, we will provide a few post-processed images from the shoot, and you can choose a 16×24” print from those images provided. These images can also be used for your portfolio display as well.

We look forward to working with you!